How To Make Money With Warrior Plus Affiliate Marketing

Are, you wondering how it can be done ? Actually a lot of other people think the same. Warrior Plus is a great affiliate platform/network, but not many people are familiar with the process to make money with it.

This affiliate network is based on affiliate marketing, which means you get paid a commission, when you make a sale on someone else’s product and it is usually 50% and some cases 60% and there are also additional products in the funnel, which you can make a commission on and they are called upgrades Or OTO’s.

That’s all great, because all you usually need is just traffic, but it needs to be targeted traffic. With affiliate marketing, you don’t have to deal with development of the product, customer support or things of that nature.

warriorplus guides on promoting

Everything you need is just to send traffic or get traffic to the right audience, which are looking for the certain product or service. On Warrior Plus, all of the products are digital products, not physical. So people from all over the world can buy them.

So, today, I am gonna share with you some strategies and my personal journey of I have done it and how you can implement the same.

So many different techniques exist, that you can implemenet and people usually get overwhelmed and don’t stick to one strategy, which reflects on the success and they end up not doing anything.

That’s why it is very important to stick to one method, when you are starting in order to get results and money.

The Way, I started was I got a domain and hosting, because I needed a website for this beginner friendly way.

No funnel builders, paying for ads or any of that advanced stuff, you usually hear.

You may hear a lot of times from youtube teacher who teach affiliate marketing, that you need funnels etc, but what you really need to start is just a simple website and for this purpose you get a domain and hosting.

It’s not a good option to deal with free websites, because there you don’t have any control, you can’t export data and they can shut down your website anytime.

That’s way the paid website is the better option.

After, you have started your website, go to a site called which is a product launch calendar. The products, which are with the W+ symbol are from warrior plus and will get release on the certain date.


When, they get released on the market big affiliates are gonna send traffic to their big email list and some of the people who receive the emails will look for a review of the product in google by typing the product name or product name review.

You can see the whole detailed process >> how to get started with warrior plus

In the article above, I have shared all the things you need to do and actually my own path to my first results with Warrior Plus.

Other ways are, you can start a youtube channel and start doing review of the products. For the video reviews, it will be better to ask the vendor/creator of the product for review access, if it is not provided, so you can make a video of the product.

Also, there are many other methods, you can utilize, but if paid ads is involved, you would need money to start with and lot of people don’t have huge budgets to start with, you might be in the same position.

If you do another business model called dropshipping, there is usually a lot of ad spent involved and you will need a lot to begin with Facebook Ads etc.

Sure, you can make money online by heaps of ways, but usually you work for someone else, if you are a web developer for example, because I was, you need to stick to deadlines. If you fill surveys you will get paid really low amount and will be not enough.

While with affiliate marketing, you don’t need paid ads to start, but later on, when you have made some money with this method, I sharedit’s good to start investing to paid ads to make more profits and when you start getting more traffic, it’s good to start building an email list.

In my opinion this is one of the most profitable business models, which anyone can start.

Hello, my name is Martin, I am a full time marketer for 2 years.